Product Description

The 6V/150mAh Battery Pack also known as the Varta 5/V150H or 55615-303-052 is a battery primarily used for memory applications and the Biohit Proline Electronic Pipettor, Part Number 711002.

Battery Part Number:
Biohit: 110302, 711002, AMED1065, B10909
Varta: 5/110R, 55615,  55615-305-052, 5V/150H, 5V100DK0, 5V100DKO, 5V100R, 5V110R, 5V150H, 5V150P, 55615-303-052, 556153030052, CS-BPE302MD

Cross Reference to Model:
Baxter Healthcare: 100DKO, 8426, UGLY 8
Biohit: ePET, Proline, Proline Electronic Pipettor, Proline Pipettor, ST4, ST4 SG, ST4S

Battery Specification:
Item No.: 5V150STK
Capacity: 150mAh
Type: Ni-MH
Dimensions: 30.00 x 24.72 x 14.26 mm
Chemistry : Ni-MH - Nickel Metal Hydride

Note: This battery pack has no Tabs or Pins for soldering into a board, if you need Solder Pins or Tabs, please contact us at or visit our Contact Page.


Catalog Number: NMH0012

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