Product Description

Varta 3/V150H Battery for back up memory applications with 3.6V/150mAh of power, and supplied with 3 pins, for quick soldering to your circuit board.

Battery Attributes:

  • Voltage: 3.6 Volts
  • Capacity: 150mAh
  • Chemistry: Ni-MH
  • Termination: SK S PCBD (3 Radial Pins - 2 Positive - 1 Negative)

Crosses to Battery Part: 3/100DKO battery, 3/V110R battery, 3/V150H battery, 3/V150H 3 PIN battery, 53310303059 battery, 55615303059 battery, 55615603940 battery, K03C10002 battery, PMB3.6B battery, VKB55615-603-940 battery


Catalog Number: NMH0002

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