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Made by the French company "SAFT", the SAFT LS14250 1/2 AA 3.6V Lithium Battery is widely used in Utility Meters, Tracking Systems, Buoys, RF Systems, Medical Equipment, Wireless Systems, Security Devices, Oil & Gas, Industrial Applications and many more. It also works with: Allen Bradley 1771 and 1772 series and Modicon Compact 984 Series industrial programmable logic controls.

The SAFT LS14250 1/2 AA 3.6V Lithium Battery has low discharge rate which gives the battery approximately 10-year shelf life period. It has stable voltage and can work with broad temperature range.

Also known as:
6135-01-3702599-107647927, LS14250C, COMP4 SAFT

Battery Specification:
Brand: SAFT
Battery Chemistry: Lithium-Thionyl Chloride
Battery Type: Cylindrical Cell Battery
Voltage: 3.6V
Capacity: 1200 mAh
Size: 1/2AA
Temperature Operating Range: (-60° to +85°C)
Connector/Terminal Type: Button Top Pressure Points
Weight: 8.66 g

Replacement For: 1770XZ, 2904S, 30300, 3B26, 3B26TC, 3B33TC, 3B955TC, 4180076, 600576100, 6135997702535, 6ES59800MA11, 7420011, 9221262, COMP4, COMP4SAFT, COMP7VARTA, DANCOMP4SAFT, DW300424, ER14250, ER3, ER3S, ER4, FEDLS14250-BA, FEDT04/51 , FEDT0451 , FR6, LIT2150, LIT2830, LITH21, LITH6, LITHT0451BP, LITHXL050F, LS14250C, LS3, LS3BA, LSL3, PROLS14250BA, PT2150, QUADRA 700, SAFLS14250BA, SBAA02, T04, T0441, T0451, TL2150, TL2150S, TL2151, TL5101, TL5101S, TL5111S, TL5112, TL5112S, 1170-XZ, 1771-DB Series, 1771-DB Series B, 1772-LW Series B, 1772-LW Series D, 1772-LWP Series B, 1772-LWP Series C, 1772-LWP Series D, 1772-LX Series A, 1772-LX Series C, 1772-LX Series D, 1772-LXP Series B, 1772-LXP Series C, 1772-LXP Series D, 1772-LZ 1772-LZP, B B-2/16, B-2/17 Series, B B-2/16, B-2/17, C-2/16,C-2/17 Series, C-2/16, C-2/17, D-2/16, D-2/17 Series, D-2/16, D-2/17, MINI-PLC-2/02, MINI-PLC-2/16, MINI-PLC-2/17.


Catalog Number: LIO0001

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