Product Description

The Duracell Procell Intense PX1400 Battery is an Industrial Strength C-size battery and has 7-year shelf life.

Duracell Procell Intense PX1400 is a non-rechargeable battery but has longer running time for your household and industrial applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Chemistry: Alkaline Manganese Dioxide
  • Temperature Operating Range: -20°C to 54°C (-4°F to 130°F)
  • Reliable Manufacturing For Industrial Environments
  • Manufactured To Meet IEC 60086 And ISO 9000 Standards
  • Date Coded To Guarantee Freshness
  • Dimensions: - 1.969" (L) x 1.031" (Diameter)
  • Voltage: -1.5V

Cross Reference: 14A, 14D, 814, AL-C, AM2, C, E93, EN93, KC, LR14, LR14XWA, MN1400, MX1400, PC1400, R14, UM2

Catalog Number: ALK0009

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