Product Description

Panasonic BR-2032 Lithium Button Cell Battery are also commonly used in car security (car alarm/key fob batteries), organizer (backup battery for PDA such as Psion etc.), glucometer, camera, electric thermometer, calculator, computer equipment (memory backup battery), toys, communication equipment, electronic watches/clocks, card radios, data pack for video camera and various other household and industrial applications.


BR-2032, BR2032BN Battery also known as: DL2032, BR2032, KL2032, L2032, ECR2032, 5004LC, KCR2032, E-CR2032, KECR2032, SB-T15, L14, BR-2032/BN, P186-ND

Battery Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Coin Cell
  • Voltage: 3.0V
  • Capacity : 190mAh
  • Chemistry: Lithium
  • Dimensions: 0.79" Diameter x 0.13" H (20.0mm x 3.2mm)


Catalog Number: LIC0002

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