Product Description

The 3-51FT-A, 3/V60R, 80BVHX3 Circuit Mount Battery comes with one pin positive and one pin negative.

Compatible With: GB50H-3, 3-51FT-A, 3/V60R, 3/V60R-PC, 3/V70H, 3/V70H-PC, 3/V80H, 3/V80H-PC, ,Comp 16-2P, 55608-303-015, 55608303012 - 55608303015, 60BNKX3

Battery Specification:
Voltage: 3.6 V
Capacity: 80 mAh
Chemistry: Ni-MH
Terminal Type: PC Pins (2 pin)

Note: This is a 2 Pin version (one pin positive, one pin negative). If you need the 3 Pin version battery, please contact us at: or go to our Contact Page


Catalog Number: NMH0003

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